We are a consumer rights group that takes pride in assisting our clients by canceling timeshare contracts within the timeshare industry because of fraud, misrepresentation, and/or lies.  Consumers are too often pressured into unnecessarily purchasing an expensive timeshare contract.  Wesley Financial Group is about helping clients in seemingly helpless situations by standing by our clients, fighting for their rights, throughout the entire cancellation process.

You are not alone in your battle.  Our customer service representatives are waiting to help you: having decades of experience in the timeshare industry.  Whether you purchased your timeshare in the states, or a far off country, Wesley Financial Group LLC can help.  Don’t throw your money away by going to a resale company or someone promising to take your deed.  Our professionals will handle your case, with the mission of relieving your burden and saving you money.  The end result will be legally canceling your timeshare contract.

The idea of canceling your timeshare, may be overwhelming.  This is why hiring an advocacy group is beneficial: you no longer have to go through the battle alone.  We won’t stop fighting for your rights until you are given a permanent timeshare relief form, and your timeshare contract is cancelled for good.


Owner and founder, Chuck McDowell, was the CEO of the very first timeshare consulting company and has helped thousands cancel their timeshares and protect their legal rights. .  We are in good standings with all agencies available for assistance, which is why we guarantee our plan. We understand how difficult it can be to find a timeshare advocate that is established and adequately funded.  You are sure to locate advocates all over the world, but problems including understaffing, and lack of knowledge often keep the consumer for a successful end result of a cancelled timeshare.  Choosing the wrong timeshare advocate will cost you lost time and could cost thousands of dollars. Wesley Financial Group LLC has taken the time to study the specific trends of the majority of timeshare companies as they relate to common and frequent misrepresentation (both large and small).

We only use agencies that are equipped and available to assist. We have taken the time to establish working relationships with these agencies, which allow us to stay current and on top of our competitors.     Each timeshare company is unique in the way that they handle their complaints, there is no cookie cutter approach to the systemic problems that have poisoned the timeshare industry. This is why Wesley Financial Group LLC creates a custom “timeshare contract cancellation” plan for every client that we represent. We have found this unique approach eliminates the “red tape” and produces results for our clients in a much more timely manner. Wesley Financial Group LLC will stand by you through this fight and if you choose us, we ensure your 100 percent satisfaction. Let us help you to get the timeshare relief that you deserve and cancel your burdensome timeshare contract.

Success Stories

  • ~ Brian and Patricia C., August 27th, 2013

    "Our names are Brian and Patricia C. We were contacted by Wesley Financial Group about helping us get a resolution to our timeshare dilemma. We had been lied to over and over again by the largest timeshare developer in the world. We were in a considerable amount of debt, and it was all because we were lied to. We had been lied to and scammed by others in the timeshare industry, including several rental and resale companies as well. Needless to say, we were very skeptical about doing business with Wesley Financial initially, but we decided to take a leap of faith one more time. We were in a bad situation and we needed help. Wesley Financial Group gave us the help we needed. Wesley Financial Group assisted us in getting not just one, but two timeshare contracts cancelled. The people at WFG are great people to work with and are very determined to help put their customers in a better situation. If you are considering doing business with Wesley Financial Group to get some help, rest assured that Wesley Financial will do everything they say they will do and more. We are so glad that we decided to make the move and work with WFG. It was definitely a smart decision on our part, and we urge you to make that same decision if you need help. Thanks Wesley Financial. Sincerely, Brian C. and Patricia C. Orwigsburg,"

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